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What We Do

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There are different areas where we need the money for. One field is science. We need to give research a place as well as storage, instruments and supplies that they need for their studies.

The other field is the farm itself. There we will use the donations for a first load of worms, a system to feed, clean and to change them when they pupate. They also need food, special conditions like humidity and a stable temperature. We also need to finance someone to keep them happy and healthy. A part of the donations will go into renting a place that we can constitute

according to our project. Later on we want to finance us by feeding the waste of companies against a little amount to cover our expenses and by selling the worms that are about to pupate. Once the worm farm in Germany is working and we have success in the science sector, we want to bring Bioreactors into being worldwide to degrade plastic fast and easy. This is the reason, why we have different options for your donation. We let you choose according to what you think is the most important.


Finance our campaign and future tasks


Constitute a place according to our project


Arrange everything with and for the worms


Give science a place with everything that they need


Build Bioreactors

July 2018


Plans are made, things are getting calculated, plans are put into action. From now on the project is growing day by day.

June 2018


Wormify got founded by Peter Hart,

a young entrepreneur, with the will to tackle

plastic pollution in a different way.

August 2018


Connections to Prof. Dr. Oehlmann several other scientists are made. We got informations from specialists and collaborations are formed.

December 2018


Works are done, plans are made and we are finally ready to launch our campagne.

February 2018


We are super excited and looking forward to start with the Worms.


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